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I have been a Livonia resident since 1995 and was first in the city to use the "" domain name. 

You can reach me via email at:

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The "" Domain

I had a brief battle with SouthTech Academy Foundation of Alpharetta, Georgia ( as they tried to take control the "" domain. 

I first registered in 1995 when I moved into the city.  In 1997, USC ISI, the administrators of the US domain, were being overwhelmed with the growth of the Internet.  So the ISI started delegating the "<locality>.<state>.us" domains to companies. 

In May of 1997,  SouthTech Academy Foundation grabbed "" and attempted to start billing me for the domain name.  The US domain policy required one year notice before I could be charged for the domain name.  But SouthTech Academy Foundation sent me bills for the years of 1996 and 1997, and also disabled my domain until I paid.  That made it easy to convince the ISI to revoke the "" domain from them in June of 1997. 

That happened just in time too.  Only US domains delegated after July 1, 1997 required the approval of the local government.  For domains delegated to companies before this date, the local government had no control over who administered their local domain.

So if SouthTech Academy Foundation was able to hold on to the "" domain, the City of Livonia, the residents, and the businesses in Livonia would have had to pay yearly to use the "" domain.  Thanks to SouthTech Academy Foundation's arrogance, the "" is currently free for anyone to use. 

The domain can still be delegated though.  But at least now any delegation of "" must be approved by the city government.

For more information about the US domain, see the US Domain Overview at


I also have a web site ( for publishing all of the Smerdon family trees worldwide.  I don't have much for my tree yet, but several other Smerdons have some very nice family trees.

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